Beth Sarver is a "solutionary" artist, educator, community builder and youth advocate;  A single mom, creative force, performance artist and independent social activist. 

"I was raised to be a servant of God... and through a very circuitous path I have found that I am just that... despite the fact that my definition of God might be different from yours.  I believe that God is LOVE!  And this immeasurable force for good in our world, resides within me and you and all things really!  What we are is the force that is Life and God is the creative power behind that force.  My whole life I have sought God's will, as if it were outside of me.  Through a lot of study, research, trial and error I have learned that "God" or Enlightenment is found within.  Its an old ancient truth that is at the root of most faith traditions and I have finally found my way to wholeness.  The fractured sense of the search for purpose and self and identity has given way to a deeper sense of knowing that we are all connected. My purpose is to LOVE, everyday without yielding!" 

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