Welcome... to the creative hub of Beth Sarver!

Being a TEDx organizer has been an amazing opportunity to...

Learn, Serve, Grow, Network, Imagine, Laugh, Cry, Be Inspired, Catalyze a movement... learn more about the work that we built after TEDx18th&Vine at RadicalOpenness.blogspot.com

What's Next for Beth Sarver and TEDx??

"I am very interested in cultivating a Youth movement in KC using the TEDx platform to celebrate the innovative work of youth and youth advocates all over our city.  I am currently building the inter-generational, metro-wide, committee to shape this event.  With an ETA of late Spring 2013... we will have plenty of time to co-create an amazing and uniquely relevant event.  Stay tuned for more details.  If you are interested in getting involved, email me at b@bethsarver.com today."

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